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Petes Craft Box

Retired now Specialising in unique Hand Made Wooden clocks in the shape of Handbags and Wrist Watches

Hi there Iím Pete from Petes Craft Box

I was born and raised on a small farm back in 1947 when summers was hot and winters were very very cold.

We lived way out in the country 3 miles from the nearest neighbour had no running water or electricity and an only an outside loo.

Whilst growing up i soon had to learning from a early age how to make things to survive and make money, as back in the 40s to early 50s things were still very hard.

Moving on to present times now retired and living in the small market town Spalding in Lincolnshire.

Now with quite a bit of time on my hands I started woodwork and crafting again, I got interested in woodwork again after I made a flower box (Planter) and fitted on a wall outside my Mother in-lawís best friends small flat (a really lovely lady of just 80) which i filled it with pansies.

Seeing the look and smile on her face as she looked out of her kitchen window at the flower box full of Pansies was so inspiring i started making a few flower box (Planter) again and as time went on other people started asking me to make things for them IE: window boxes, Trugs and Shelving etc.

So i then started making Bird tables, Boot Pullers doing Mug Sublimations and personalising Window Boxes for customers and i now made Wooden Clocks in the shape of a Watch which i personalise for Gold and Silver Wedding gifts also special events for people who requires something a bit different (Bespoke.)

Itís such a joy to see what can be given to others with just a simple wooden box and a few flowers or plants and kind words.

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Petes Craft Box

Spalding, Lincolnshire