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Petes Craft Box

Retired now Specialising in stylish Hand Crafted Wooden clocks in the shape of Handbags and Wrist Watches

Pete, a retired individual from a small market town in Lincolnshire, found solace and inspiration in woodworking and crafting. His journey began with a simple flower box that brought a smile to his Mother-in-laws face. This pivotal moment motivated Pete to delve deeper into woodworking and reignite his creativity. As time went on, he started receiving requests from others to make personalized wooden items. This led him to the idea of crafting wooden clocks in the shape of everyday objects, particularly wrist watches and towers which became popular for commemorating special occasions and personalized gifts, what sets the clocks and other items apart is they all have the option for personalization. Customers could have their clocks engraved with names, dates, or special messages, making them perfect gifts for anniversaries, weddings, and special events. Petes ability to transform functional objects into exquisite and sentimental keepsakes further captivated his passion, skill, and personalized touch that brings woodworking creations to life, making them truly bespoke and meaningful. With each clock, tower or object meticulously crafted, combines the beauty of wood and with the functionality of a timepiece.

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Petes Craft Box

Spalding, Lincolnshire