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Speedwell Nature

Truly natural vegan soap, palm oil, preservative and cruelty free, hand made in Cranleigh

Hello - my name is Sharon. Making soap (and silver jewellery) had been a hobby of mine for some years when the pandemic hit. My work as a singer was badly hit (as singing was considered a virus super-spreader) and so I decided to try and turn my hobbies into a business to run alongside my work as a musician. It was a bit of a process, but I obtained the necessary legal documentation to sell my soap (a cosmetic product safety report) and have been selling them successfully at The Natural Life Shop in Cranleigh since the Autumn of 2021. Regarding my silver jewellery, I am currently doing a diploma course in silver clay (so watch this space!).

My vegan soap is completely free of chemicals (yes, really - because sodium hydroxide used to create lye when mixed with water, is no longer present once the soap has saponified). They are also palm oil free, preservative free, cruelty free, and are only coloured using botanical dye plants (some of which I grow myself) or natural clays. They are also scented using only essential oils. The added extra about Speedwell Nature soaps is that they look gorgeous as I make them in small batches using beautiful moulds. This makes using the soap a luxurious lathering, pampering and moisturising experience! They also of course make great presents...

and 8203I try to ensure that there is as little waste in my soap packaging as it is possible to have, however, using cardboard and paper is not great either as it has a higher carbon footprint than plastic, but there are certain legal requirements regarding labelling that have to be followed.

and 8203About Me - Im really passionate about the environment and have been educating and writing about it for over thirty years. Ive written for the environmental charity WWF(UK), have run sustainable living projects and workshops, been an organic gardener for thirty-five years, make my own household cleaners and quite a few personal care products and lots more. Im also an Accredited Climate Change Teacher and am committed to ensuring that any plants I use are either grown on my organic allotment, in my organic garden or are picked up off the forest floor to be used as moulds for my silver jewellery.

You may be wondering about the name! Well, speedwells have long been one of my favourite flowers with their beautiful bluey-violet colour I call them tiny perfection and the name just dropped instantly into my head when I first started this latest reinvention of myself - so it must be right! Ive been passionate about wild flowers though, native trees and the natural world since childhood, growing up in a small seaside village in Wales. To this day, I continue to increase my extensive knowledge on my daily walks in remote places, as well as on trips to the coast. Im a keen gardener, with spaces that have evolved to be a magical mixture of both wild and cultivated plants.

To find out more about me, you can visit speedwellnature

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Speedwell Nature

Cranleigh, Surrey