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Desktop Doodles

Simple designs, simply drawn, inspirtional art from the hand of award winning digital artist Mike Mills

Desktop Doodles has been a labour of love for Mike who has a background in graphic design. An accomplished artist, Mike uses a combination of pen and Ink and watercolour to create the background designs for his art prints and a variety of digital layering techniques and clever narratives to finish them off. The original idea came from the real life interactions he and his family used to have with simple designs, simply doodled on post-it notes, the funnier and more off the wall the better to make their feelings known. What began as a bit of fun became something of a family tradition and many of the themes and sentiments expressed in this unique hand made doodle range have been inspired by these simple doodled designs. At their most mischievous, we think these simple designs express sentiments and interactions that most will recognise.

The range continued to grow and now includes doodled graphics for all the main seasonal and day to day gift sending occasions such as Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter. New hand drawn designs and other art peices are already being added and our offers will soon feature a set of limited edition art prints for every room in the house featuring even more diverse sentiments. Our plan for the future is to keep creating niche gifts. All desktop doodles can be personalised with a name and gift message to the recipient. We know youll love what we do becuase its simple, sincere and hilarious.

These original fun art prints are skillfully created by award winning digital artist Mike Mills who designs and produces his work using pen and Ink, watercolour and digital layering techniques, a process that makes his work distinctive. Mike is perhaps best known for the inventive use of narrative that he incorporates into the art he creates and which adds a touch of tongue in cheek humour into his work.

Brand new for 2023, Mike has created this collection of doodled and fully framed art prints for all the main seasonal and day to day gift sending occasions using simple designs, simply drawn. Each peice of art carries a fun narrative that pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of everyday life and provides funny and often inspirational quotes and anecdotes that will be sure to make someone smile. Each framed art print is then gallery wrapped and shipped in our beautiful Youve been Doodled gift box.

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Desktop Doodles

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