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The Jovial Jeweller

Welcome to my new handmade and affordable range of funky silver and costume jewellery!

The Jovial Jeweller is obviously me! Hopefully the name reflects both the jewellery Im making - handmade in my studio in London - and my light-hearted and playful demeanour!

Ive loved costume and affordable jewellery ever since I was a teenager (thats a long time ago now!) as I tend to chop and change my style fairly frequently and love the fact that because of its affordability, you can own many pieces. Ive always felt its a great way to bring a smile to your face - without breaking the bank - something which is even more important during these current, financially very tricky times. My plan is to make affordable items that bring a little joviality to your day and we all need that right now!

So the name of my business has been explained but why now? After a long career in Marketing, raising my now teenage son, and juggling childcare whilst working for my husband (an interesting challenge in itself!) and a keen 30 year side-line in house renovation and interiors, I decided to take the plunge last November and turn my life-long passion into a full-time business. Ive always loved meeting new people and getting out there chatting to whoever, whenever and this, coupled with the creative side of me, meant that the time was now to combine the two and get creating a range of handmade, funky and affordable silver and costume jewellery items that are hopefully accessible to many, both online and in person. I have also suffered most of my adult life with being a bit of a perfectionist, but have learnt that this is coming in very handy with regards to making jewellery, as Ill never let a piece go until I am truly satisfied with it and thankfully, this has resulted in many really lovely reviews from satisfied customers which is really great to receive.

Ive been making costume jewellery for years and have spent so much of my time - as most of us do (particularly us mums!) - putting the needs of our family and others first, that I thought it would be great to use some of existing skills and my new found ones, to do something that brings me joy and something that I can control so I can still fulfil my love of being a wife and mum and that earns me a few pennies! So after several very enjoyable adult education courses at my local college, my interest and excitement in creating fine and sterling silver items has well and truly been ignited!

I have been fortunate to set up a small studio workshop where I can design and create the items I have for sale and also use some of my Marketing skills (albeit a little old school!) to try and navigate the world of online retail and social media. We live in great times that this has enabled so many to be able to sell their wares in a way that would not have been possible before and that is undoubtedly fantastic, but I believe there is room for both, as I still think there is something in face-to-face contact and the physical act of buying something that is in front of you, so you can actually see and feel it and know how it will look on you.

I’m ‘born and bred’ Surrey/London suburbs and have lived in either for most of my 50-odd years and would absolutely love to ramp up my attendance at craft fairs and markets in the area (as opposed to online selling which Im very grateful for and absolutely has its place!) as really do love meeting and chatting to lots of people and getting to show my new jewellery items at a local craft fair would give me the opportunity to do both.

And finally, one of my real pet hates is bad communication and bad service - it drives me mad! Especially when buying anything online, so my mantra is definitely to always strive to do well at both, as I know how I hate it when parting with your hard earnt money, that you have no idea what is going on. There is no need for either in my view!

Thank you so much for reading this and showing an interest in The Jovial Jeweller!

Lisa (aka The Jovial Jeweller!)

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The Jovial Jeweller

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