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Luxury Scrunchies

Skrunched and scrumptious - our scrunchies are handcrafted using premium quality fabric in a wide selection of beautiful colours.

They make great gifts for anyone and any occasion or even just a little treat for yourself!

Long, thick, luscious hair – the stuff of dreams right? Well, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the thick hair world…

Hi! I’m Jess, the founder of Skrunched and I have really, really, really thick hair.

As lovely as it is to be complemented on having a head of voluminous glory, the reality behind the management of this unruly mane is quite honestly frustrating.

My hair journey has been filled with pre-teen nit epidemics, snowstorms of dandruff, 1583 snapped hair ties, and three-hours a pop in hair care time – and that is just the washing part, don’t get me started on drying and styling.

When it comes to taming the beast (which now consists of quickly throwing it back in a ponytail), the last thing I need is a tiny little elastic hair tie that inevitably snaps at the mere prospect of wrapping itself around my tresses.

So imagine my joy when scrunchies came back into fashion! Finally something that doesn’t snap or end up in the black hole that consumes hair ties, bobby pins and odd socks…

As soon as I started using scrunchies, I realised that I wanted them to be bigger, puffier, more luxurious than what I was finding in the shops. That’s when I started making my own – finally something soft and gorgeous to wrap around my hair!

Then one thing led to another and I thought why not share them with others? I have always wanted to have my own little business and this felt just perfect to me. Something I could relate to, something I could enjoy, something I could be creative with.

So that’s how Skrunched was born - out of decades of hair woes and the desire to flex my creative muscles! I look forward to making big, beautiful hair pieces for the rest of the world and 128522

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