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Energy Dynamic Model Academy

Teaching people about human nature using the EDM sculptures

Hi there, Im Jennifer and have spent many years developing an intuitive way to understand yourself and others. I have created 2 sculptures that show the relationship between who you are, your mind, feelings, the imagination and the surroundings you are in. Students who wish to learn more about themselves using this idea, can also access online courses which use videos and an imaginary concept to explain previously unseen and undefined parts of ourselves that make up our experience of life.

The first sculpture was made and designed four years ago and this is called the EDM Power Tower, and, apart from a few modifications, is still as it was originally. It shows how we look from a human energy point of view when we are fully aware of who we are, can generate good feeling for ourselves and know how to use our imagination in order to create change. These sculptures can be in 3 different colours depending on what the person would like, and there is also a symbol on the bottom circle which represents your consciousness. It is lovely to have in your home in order to reflect on how you are and what you are here for.

The second sculpture, the I Can Tower, was only designed and made in late 2022. This provides a visual and physical road map that helps to take you to the EDM Power Tower state of being. This tower uses the white colour to represent the mind, words written in black to represent actions that create feelings, and circles of wood that you can then turn around to see what specific feeling you create and what part of who you are that has come from. These are painted in gold, which represents a pot of gold. The meaning behind this is that we need to understand that what we are actually seeking at the end of the rainbow, is actually ourselves.

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Energy Dynamic Model Academy

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