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Ukrainian DIY Embroidery Kits, Wooden Beaded Figurines, Polymer Clay Products.

My name is Tatyana.
I believe that creativity makes our life brighter and more interesting.

I was working with felt, was making cakes with artistic modeling, brooches and necklaces from multi-colored ribbons, was working with epoxy resin.
But I found my favorite pastime, and now I embroider wood with beads and sculpt polymer clay.

I suggest you plunge into my world of creativity!

If you want to diversify your creativity and try something new I offer you wonderful bead embroidery kits on the... wood. Please dont be afraid of extravagance of the material I have proposed, because the work made on a wooden basis has its undeniable advantages.

Firstly, itís the strength and durability of such a product.
And secondly, it is universality, because the embroidery on wood can easily turn into, for example, a magnificent brooch, pendant or even a Christmas tree toy.

I recommend you to put all doubts aside and immediately try wonderful bead embroidery kits on wood. I have no doubt that you will get a lot of positive emotions from working with such unusual material and you will add this innovation to your standard creative program!

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