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With Hope’ was created after the my journey with cancer, it was a proud moment for me when I was able to change my own narrative and launch the brand on the day I was diagnosed four years prior. Creating something beautiful from a situation that was dark and difficult. With Hope stands to honour all those who joined me on my personal journey, and all those going through their own.
Each candle represents an intention based upon a state of mind - Hope, Faith, Strength, Love, Patience and Courage.
With Hope candles are designed to be an immersive experience coupling mindfulness and the science behind smell using the sense of smell to trigger the release of positive, intentional vibrations allowing you to attract them into your life.
These candles can be a heartfelt gift between friends, a mindful affirmation for the day ahead or a gentle, burning reminder of all you can be. They help to ignite intentions in anyone who is in need of them whether they are on a difficult journey themselves or supporting someone else on their journey.
The candles and wax melts are vegan friendly.
‘With Hope’ is a family run business who offer a very personable service each order is lovingly made, packed and shipped by hand.

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