Alexs Baskets - Willow weaving

Alexs Baskets

Crafter of wicker baskets and bespoke wicker creations using willow grown in Somerset

My name is Alex and I have been weaving for about a year and a half now. I used to be employed making wicker coffins but am now focused on creating my own baskets and other wicker creations, and am hoping to eventually make a business of it.
Although Im fairly new to weaving, I always strive to make my baskets as perfect as possible, and Im always eager to try out new techniques and creations!
Everything I make is handmade from scratch.
So far Ive made things ranging from willow wall baskets to shopping baskets, and log baskets to cat beds.
I tend not to waste anything, if Ive got willow Im going to use it! Ill use any scraps or cutoffs on smaller projects!

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Alexs Baskets

Bridgwater, Somerset