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Our aim is to inform, inspire and improve peoples lives with our natural skincare products

Puremess make natural, sustainable skincare products using oils, waxes, butters and botanicals that are amazing for your skin and kind to the environment. Everything is packaged in refillable, recyclable or biodegradable bottles, jars and tubes. We are proud to have have plastic-free skincare status. We have a range of face and body products for women and men.
The passion for creating natural, effective, sustainable skincare came after my second breast cancer diagnosis. Iíve always been a pretty healthy person, eating well and exercising. I also thought I was good at taking care of my skin, but when I started doing some research about some of the ingredients in the products I had been using it quickly became a little scary. Your skin is your biggest organ after all but I think itís easy to forget that what we put on our skin is absorbed and can have a negative, as well as a positive impact. So I decided to formulate my own! My science background has been enormously helpful and Iíve loved researching the benefits of different oils, butters, waxes and essential oils to develop the best skincare products I can. Iíve developed them to provide maximum nourishment as well as helping to protect the skin.

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Guildford, Surrey