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Wholesome Scent Company prides itself on producing high quality handcrafted scented candles sourced from sustainable ingredients.

Wholesome Scent Company started out with the purpose to shake up the scented candle and home fragrance market. We were sick and tired of seeing a lack of high-quality, and sustainably sourced products being sold on the market.

From scented candles to skin-softening products, paraffin is one of the most used ingredients found in competitor products on the market today. Not only is paraffin unsustainable sourced, but it is also a bi-product of the gas and oil industry. In fact, a study completed by the Centres for Disease and Control found that long exposure to Toluene, a clear liquid used in the paraffin candle-making process has been found to cause headaches, fatigue, and nausea. If that wasnt enough to put you off, they also contain Benzene, which is in the number 1 group of ingredients to be carcinogenic. In fact, burning a paraffin candle for as little as 1 hour will release approximately 10g of CO2 into your immediate atmosphere.

Were on a mission to do things differently by sourcing the finest quality ingredients that are not only kind to our planet, but our bodies and minds. We want to create beautiful, high-quality products for your indulgence without compromising on sustainability. This is why our main ingredient is Coconut. Coconut is a highly sustainable crop, once a tree is planted and starts producing crops, it will produce an average of 20 coconuts per month with little dormancy periods due to the tropical weather it is grown in all year round. Whats more is that a lot of these coconuts are grown without the use of pesticides, unlike Soy Beans. Coconut blend wax itself is (including the process of making it) very eco-friendly, and when burned it has a clean burn with no soot release.

We are here to show you that by being kind to our planet and using naturally sustainable resources we can still indulge in the luxurious things in life, like lighting a candle, without harming our pockets, our planet, and ourselves.

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Wholesome Scent Company

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