Unicorn and Rainbows Painting Kit - Wood

Unicorn and Rainbows Painting Kit

Goods from the Woods UK was born from a hobby that got out of control! My work is done between Laptop and CO2 laser.

Goods from the Woods UK was initially my dad’s ‘Craft Fair’ name. After he died (and a couple of years later my mum), I used inheritance money to buy a 55w CO2 laser and Goods from the Woods UK was rekindled.
From Adult and Children Paint Kits to Layered Wall Art, Seasonal and Wedding Gifts, to Stencils, Educational pieces and Custom Orders, all done on Sylvia my laser in my Workshop at the bottom of the garden.
For most of my ‘creations’, I use work of fabulous designers and edit it with the customer in mind, as well as my needs, and the capabilities of Sylvia and her software.
I work with different kinds of wood. Medite MDF for the children’s kits and have now moved on to wood such as poplar plywood and eucalyptus hardwood, as the supply chain of Baltic birch plywood has ceased due to the war in Ukraine. I have just started experimenting with acrylic and Mylar for making stencils.
I’m always on the look out for new ideas and trawl sites such as Etsy, Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica for files and inspiration. I have got to know some lovely designers that go out their way to help.

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Unicorn and Rainbows Painting Kit

Liverpool, Merseyside