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Nettie Rowsell

I知 an experimental embroidery artist, I make realistic and abstract paintings with thread.

I have an unusual and eclectic working life which I知 very proud of. I started out as an vintage / antique clothing and textiles trader, but as time went in I became more interested in how to repair old textiles than in selling them. I trained in technical hand embroidery at the Royal School Needlework to advance my career as a restorer, and in my free time I started to experiment with stitch as an art form. I discovered a community of textile artists who were taking embroidery art to the next level it felt so exciting and I wanted to be a part of it. Now I知 embroidery / mixed media artist and I make unique works of art using embroidery threads, collage, ink and paint.

My work is ever evolving. I致e experimented with various themes and styles. Currently I知 working on a series of still life pieces from photographs and small abstract sketches. I don稚 want to fall in to the trap of always working in one way, for my work to be instantly recognisable. I want to keep things fresh, keep experimenting with new ideas, new media, and to growing as an artist.

I also sell high quality threads that are unavailable on the high street (Carons, Au Ver A Soie, and Appletons).
As well as selling unique artwork and thread supplies I teach in adult education and restore historic needlework and textiles.

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Nettie Rowsell

Bury, West Sussex