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Beach and adventure style jewellery and handmade slate drink coaster

Beach style jewellery and handmade coasters.
Hi! My names Ellicia, but people know me as Lis. Iím 19 years of age and am based in Trowbridge. I have been making jewellery and other crafts for a while now. I have always struggled with staying focused on one thing at a time however doing my jewellery and crafts keep me focused and I never loose interest in them, itís like an escape!

I have recently started to branch out from selling online, to doing small gatherings at my house for friends and family, so far all my jewellery and coasters have been doing really well there, and after not much convincing, I have decided that Iíd love to give craft fairs a try to see how I do, because I always love going to my local fairs, so why not!

I hand-make all my products I sell, from necklaces, to earrings to bracelets and rings, and even drink coasters! I really enjoy spending the time on my jewellery to give everything my own twist on it, I have a rule when it comes to my jewellery, if I wouldnít wear it, then I wonít sell it! This is because I really want all my products to reflect me in some way or other. I am a very adventurous person and constantly wearing loads of jewellery because I love expressing my personality through it, so itís amazing to be able to share that with others.

My slate coasters have been a recent thing I have grown a passion for, they have really made me interested in learning new crafts along the way and getting into different types of art!

My new interest is working with sea glass jewellery. After finding lots of sea glass on the beach and not knowing what to do with it, I decided Iím going to try making something out of it!
Iím really enjoying everything I do at the moment and am looking forwards to attending craft fairs in the near future to share my different items with many that are looking for this type of crafts, and to also meet fellow exhibitors!

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