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THE STORY BEHIND THE MIRROR: I got into stained glass painting a 14 of years ago. The first pattern I ever painted was a tiny city

When the great aggression of Russia on Ukraine started in February 2022, Yuri and myself were in Kharkov. And even after a couple of months of bombing I felt that I must keep doing my work there ó volunteering and helping everyone who needed my physical help. I categorically decided that I would not be poisoned by the aggression, I felt that I must be constructive and generate even more love and desire in my heart to win with the power of love, kindness and faith. It is a very empowering experience to paint thin fragile mirrors being calm and concentrated, while bombs are falling and sirens are howling at the same time. The 7 mirrors of 33cm in diameter, which had been painted at that period of my life, have travelled thousands of kilometers to Silchester with me. How I live in Reading.
Needless to say that I am hoping to continue to sell and receive new orders and keep drawing, as this is my gift, skills, job today that gives me the opportunity to help my dear friends and colleagues (artists, actors, directors, musicians) that are serving at the front in Ukraine now. Perhaps through this article I can find some people close by that will enjoy my Art.
Now this is already a concept. Ukraine is now a mirror for the whole world. And each country sees its own reflection. Ukraine mirrors the problems in politics, in the economy, in corruption, in the cultural interactions of each country. When we look in the mirror, we see things as they are, which is impossible to see without a mirror.
What does your brand name Sivook mean?
- Sivook is actually a historical figureó itís a pagan artist of Ukraine, who tiled the mosaics in The Church of Kievís Sophia together with some Italian and German masters. So I read the novel that described in detail the story of this young artist, who did not accept the forced baptism by Vladimir in 988 ó Sivook firmly believed that he already had his own religion, which he would not give up. So being impressed by his unbreakable spirit, I took his name as my artistic pseudonym as I also strongly believe that itís crucial to stay truthful with yourself following your dreams, faith and values. Not to mention that actually the name Sivook is very consonant and close to my real last name.
I got into stained glass painting a 14 of years ago.
The first pattern I ever painted was a tiny cityscape along the edge of a round mirror.
It left some space in the middle allowing any person who finds their reflection in this piece to become the center of this tiny world. Unique gift for family.

That was a perfect metaphor for the message I want to spread with my art.

Its extremely easy to feel unheard, unloved, or not needed in this fast-paced world.
But regardless of where this mirror ends up - in a gift box for your friend, or in your own living room - I want the owner to remember: you are important, you are loved and valued.

In the morning, before you leave your house, stop for a second. Let this golden pattern frame you, as this world frames your personality every day!
Unique gift for friend!

I hope this mirror fills your room with color and joy!

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