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My fused glass designs tend to be on the quirky side of the street and no two are ever the same.

FusedFern Glass provides unusual items in fused glass. These may be functional, decorative, or both. The business sits within the gift market and, as such, produces unique items to celebrate both personal celebrations, such as birthdays, or weddings, and national holidays and events, such as Christmas and Easter. Additionally, FusedFern Glass offers a range of diverse products to meet the interests of a wide-ranging customer base.

FusedFern Glass is largely a one-woman venture though on occasions other artists may undertake parts of the creation e.g., hand painting of glass, and the creation of wooden stands etc. The business will remain small, actively avoiding more ‘corporate’ business aspects. It is hoped that the current customer base will increase in a very gradual way over the course of the business life. Offering a personal touch is central to any business development.

Isnt it strange how life moves us in the most unexpected of directions? Five years ago, my sister, who was undertaking a rebuild of her house, wanted to learn how to fuse glass to add to its interior design, and she talked me into going with her to lessons, to give it a try. The result was ... FusedFern Glass!

It turns out that playing with glass is rather addictive! I cant possibly keep everything I make so really need to make sales so that I at least have enough house space in which to live, and enough money coming in to buy more glass to make more designs! Additionally, I was recently made redundant so it is now imperative that my glass business flourishes.

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FusedFern Glass

Gloucester, Gloucestershire