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Beautiful, eco-friendly dog accessories for dogs who want to be comfortable and look their best when out and about or at home.

Pretty Green Dog makes on trend dog accessories designed to reduce their impact on the environment while still keeping your dog looking their gorgeous best when out and about and keeping your home looking fabulous when just cosying up together inside. Complete the set to get the full look!

I started designing and making these products after I found myself throwing into landfill yet another plastic filled and plastic made dog bed which had got stinky/lumpy/dirty (take your pick!) after only a few months, which hadnít looked that great for start with and certainly didnít reflect my or my dogís personality. I was pining for something that looked great, my dog loved, was going to last and wasnít going to be as damaging for the environment. Eventually I decided I would just make it myself. So here we go!

Stylish dog collars and leads so your dog can set out putting their best paw forward are made from 100 percent hemp webbing, 100 percent cotton fabrics and thread and solid brass hardware.

Matching quilted settle mats you can fold or roll up and take with you when you and your dog step out together ensures you furry friend has somewhere comfy to relax wherever you set down and looks good doing it. Also good for keeping mud and hair off your best friendís sofa!

Face flannels for keeping your hairy companion squeaky clean are made from 100 percent cotton fabrics and thread and an absorbent 100 percent cotton/hemp blend terry towelling. Also good for keeping slobber off your lovely outfit!

Colourful, patterned dog beds made for your dog to sprawl out on or nest in, depending on their preference (I have one of each!), are comprised of a removable cover. a waterproof lining and a beanbag type filling.

The outer cover is removable and washable and is made of 100 percent cotton fabrics, cording and thread. The zip is nylon for comfort and safety. Additional covers can be bought separately to suit your mood, the season, the fashion, your whim!

The waterproof lining is 100 percent polyester. Although this is plastic, it is designed to resist water and odour to maximise durability and longevity of the bed in order to reduce landfill. Muddy paws, wet beards and that doggy smell we all know (and love?!) should not be a reason to have to get rid of their bed!

The lining is filled with Biofoam beads which is a plant-based, hot compostable material and carbon neutral in manufacturing. The beads have similar properties to polyester beans offering your dog warmth and ultimate scrabble-ability without the drawbacks of plastic beads.

Collars, leads, quilts, flannels and bed covers can all be washed at 40 degrees (though cooler is better for the planet) and at a 1400 spin speed. As they are all plastic free (with the exception of the zip in the dog bed cover) they wonít shed microplastics into the watercourse during the washing process. Collars and leads should be washed in a pillow case or washing bag due to the hardware. The waterproof dog bed lining can be wiped over with a barely damp cloth if needed.

Materials are sourced though UK based companies where possible. Currently all but one of my suppliers is UK based - and Iím working on that! BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton is used where this is an option.

My dogs and I hope you enjoy these accessories as much as we do!

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