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Sew GG

We are all about beautifully handmade accessories for the little things in life that make you feel your best everyday!


So here is my story...

My background is in science but I could never resist using my creative side. I started out making gifts for friends and family from my childhood and seeing the look on their faces always bought me so much happiness! For as long as I can remember I have used my hands to craft, paint, stencil, mould, bake and sew. I have vivid memories of drooling over catalogues asking my mum for crayons, paper, felt tips and anything else that would help me create as a child (my parents did get all of them for me too!).

My business was launched just after my wedding in December 2017, I couldnt wait any longer and was so excited to share my creations with those that appreciate handmade accessories. My business has taken me to numerous craft fairs and big events such as The Handmade Affair at Hampton Court Palace.

I sew in my spare time and enjoy thinking of new accessories to make. My love of cultural and floral prints is clear to see (my fabric collection in my sewing corner never has enough as far as I am concerned!). Putting it simply, creating makes me happy, relieves my stress and gives me a sense of fulfilment!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Georgina x

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