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Puddy Muddle

Puddy Muddle is a mother/daughter creative partnership who design and make originally illustrated and decorated fun and funky items.

Around 5 years ago, in between the births of my real babies, my darling Toby and Ellen, a brainchild was born: Puddy Muddle. A passion that had long lay dormant re awoke, and I started drawing again in an attempt to illustrate some children’s picture book stories that I had written. Since putting pencil to paper, I have rarely put it down, continuously following the little creative sprites that reveal themselves to me. Earlier this year, a Christmas sprite led me to create some animal designs, and the ‘Wild Xmas’ range came into being. The creative sprites have also always revealed themselves to my mum, Julie, who over the years has taught me how to see and follow them myself. And we’ve joined together into a partnership, pooling together our talents into a great puddy muddle.

At present, we are selling a range of Christmas items, including cards, clothing and tote bags, all with the original ‘Wild Xmas’ animal designs printed onto them. However, the business is very much in its infancy, and we plan on growing it each year, creating further designs and products for all sorts of celebrations: Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, weddings, new babies - the list goes on and the scope for growth is vast.

There are two other future facets to the business: Puddy Muddle Portraits (we intend to offer bespoke illustrated portraits of family and friendship groups) and Puddy Muddle Publications (when I finally finish illustrating those picture books). But for now, we’re happy dreaming of a wild Xmas and may all your Christmases be… wild!

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Puddy Muddle

Southampton, Hampshire