Madalura London

I am a multi-disciplinary designer maker creating eco-ethical sustainable accessories and homeware under Madalura London

I make eco-friendly reusable sustainable liquid ‘forever candles’ with a new patented wick technology created and handmade by me.

I design and make exclusive handbags for busy people who want to be free and live their life but look great. A slow fashion concept of making designs luxury leather made and Sustatinable pineapple leather bags, three ways a back-pack, hand bag and shoulder bag made in 10 unique colours.

Handmade Mini- sculpture jewellery and accessories made of recycled silver, glass and semi-precious stones.

Handmade unisex perfume oils - under the Elemental range, it’s all about bringing nature back in our lives and focus on our well-being. Recalibrating our emotions to feel uplifted, invigorated, energised and feel luxurious.

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Madalura London

South Croydon, Surrey