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Efia Beads Jewellery

Unique handmade jewellery featuring handmade recycled glass beads from Krobo, Ghana

I love Ghana and all things beautiful - so naturally, the handmade glass beads from Krobo are some of my favourite things in this world. Lets face it, Im more into these stunning creations of joy than a lovingly made bowl of Jollof (and thats quite a statement).

I visited Ghana for the first time in 2006 and fell in love with the country, the people and the art. I came home that time with a bag stuffed with jewellery, wooden crafts and paintings. It was only when I stayed in Ghana for the year in 2010 that I visited the bead market and became obsessed with these handmade and handpainted glass creations from Krobo in Central Ghana. I had found my true love. I came home that time with my bag stuffed to the brim with all kinds of beads imaginable...and that was the start of something very special (and borderline obsessive).

Since then, I have been making jewellery and accessories from these beads whilst growing my ridiculously large collection and nipping back to Ghana regularly. Different designs will constantly pop into my head and I get lost in making the designs come alive.

The beads, their design, their history and the expertise of the artisans making them are all incredible and through designing and making affordable and unique jewellery, I hope everyone can admire and appreciate this part of culture and history from Ghana.

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Efia Beads Jewellery

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