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Iteka Scents

Handmade smooth scented wax melts made from natural soy wax

Welcome to Iteka.
My name is Diane, I grew up in France and I have been living in London for few years.
I am the last born of a tribe of 5 women – yes, 5!
We share an unconditional love for one another and are always supporting each other.
Growing up in a big family has taught me the value of love, kindness, warmth and bringing people together, the true values for which I stand.
I believe that every person on this earth deserves true happiness and love.
Iteka offer a range of evocative fragrances, using luxuriously smooth wax melts made from natural soy wax.
These beautiful melts can be thoughtful gifts for birthdays, graduations, holiday celebrations, cheering up a friend, anniversaries, girls night…you choose!
Your joyful moments will be turned into a dreamy, long-lasting memory, each time you light one of Iteka’s melts, you’ll be transported back on a wave of love.
Take a deep breath, and start your scented journey with Iteka…

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Iteka Scents

Swanley, Kent