Chloe Laurence

Printmaker creating in the natural world

Chloe Laurence is a multimedia artist, her practice combining printmaking, performance and moving image.

Also conveying these stories Laurence uses the medium of mono-printing and carborundum to capture movement felt from walking, the colour that is walked through and the feeling of the weather felt whilst walking. Captured as a memory vessel, a documentation from a bodily engagement through direct nature sources. Printmaking means to Laurence ways of thinking and problem solving, as an approach to becoming more alive in a way that asks us to engage with life in a visceral and interactive way.
The pieces invite viewers into Chloe’s world to engage with human activity and the use of the body into ways of thinking about our situated place in the world, to evoke a feeling of freedom within the playfulness of creating.


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Chloe Laurence

East Dulwich, London