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The Bright Star Studio

I am an artist and crafter based in Shaftesbury. I make all sorts of hand made items from ‘Worry Wizards’ to Plantable Cards

I started arts and crafts as a distraction from anxiety and depression. When I had family and friends ask me to make and paint them items I began to think “this could be a business’ so I downed my kitchen knives and ended my career as a chef and with a lot of work The Bright Star Studio was born. The sense of calm I have when creating my work is only comparable to the joy it brings others. My most popular items are my seeded/plantable greetings cards, my hand painted treasure hunt and my hand made Worry Wizards. I’m always adding new items to my shop and live travelling the country to attend craft fairs. Hopefully see you there soon!
Adam and Star

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The Bright Star Studio

Shaftesbury, Dorset