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Lynton Candles

We make handmade soya candles that people use when they want to better themselves!

Hi, were Lynton Candles!

Were a small business based in Portsmouth and we make handmade soya candles! We have a variety of candles from small tins, to glass and even concrete candles. All of candles are handmade, which we think is important because we want our products to be of a high quality and to have a warm personal touch, rather than a mass produced product without any soul.

We make these candles for people to use when theyre trying to improve themselves. As much as we love resting and relaxing, there must also be time for a little work. We think everyone has at least 3 things they could do to improve themselves, and we think you could work on them whilst having a Lynton Candle next to you. It could be anything from reading a book, finishing off you emails, doing some yoga, whatever it maybe, we want to be with you as you do it. And of course, you can finish what youve done and then just enjoy the candle afterwards!

We make sure to spend a decent amount of time on each of our candles before selling them. We thoroughly test and tweak them to ensure they melt as theyre suppose to. We also test our fragrances to make sure were giving you a scent that youll actually be able to smell. Then once its in your hands, you can be confident that youll have a good candle in your hands.

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Lynton Candles

Portsmouth, Hampshire