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Vickie Johnstone

I have written 17 books - for children and adults - fiction and poetry

Hi, I have written 17 books.

The books:

The Kiwi Series: about a magical cat from a world of cats, and her adventures to different worlds with her human and animal friends. These books are for age 8 up.

Kiwi in Cat City
Kiwi and the Missing Magic
Kiwi and the Living Nightmare
Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle
Kiwi in the Realm of Ra
Kiwis Christmas Tail

The Smarts and Dewdrop Mysteries - a comedy detective series for ages 10 up:

Day of the Living Pizza
Day of the Pesky Shadow

Books for YA/adults:

3 Heads and a Tail - a romantic comedy and the hero is a dog
The Sea Inside - an adventure in an alternate reality under the sea
I Dream of Zombies
Haven (I Dream of Zombies, book 2)


Travelling Light
Lifes Rhythms - haiku
Mind-spinning Rainbows
A Poem a Day


Book trailer for the Kiwi Series: youtube/watch?vCLjmVgNJcLM and listFLGOC-BhfpJESSRXcOKzekEA and index3

Blog: vickiejohnstone.blogspot

Twitter: at vickiejohnstone

Facebook: facebook/AuthorVickieJohnstone

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Vickie Johnstone

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