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Green Bow Tie Works

Wild fine art featuring women, surfing and animals, and fantastical felt sculpts hand made on my narrowboat.

I am Adelle Gough, a fine artist, illustrator and felt sculptor working from my narrowboat home studio.

I am a wild swimmer, surfer and forager, so I am hugely inspired by the natural world and powerful women.

I abslutely adore creating work with natural and female themes. My work embodies a wild and free spirit, and often a ghostliness, too.

A painter firstly, I work with oil, ink, watercolour and digital painting media to capture the untamable spirit of wild women, surfers, animals and fantastical creatures with arresting colour pallettes. I love the juxtaposition of striking, flowing lines with layered colour and loose brushstrokes to depict form, movemement and soul.

I sell giclee prints of my artwork including my illustrative pieces and my more painterly pieces. I also take commissions on a regular basis.

I also create standing and hanging felt sculpts which were crying out at me to be made. Each one is unique, featuring magical fungi, pumpkins and doll-like fantastical beasts, often weaving in pieces of natural architecture that I find on my adventures, including skulls, feathers and other treasures. The inner structures of my creatures are built using old cushion stuffing that would otherwise head to landfill.

All of my packaging is single use plastic free. My print packets are made from plant starch.

My artwork is my only source of income, and currently I am working to fund a large oil and ink exhibition, the creation of a poetry and art coffee table book and I am training to be a tattoo artist aswell, to further fund my time to create and grow.

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Green Bow Tie Works

Oxford, Oxfordshire