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Madbird101designs independent Arts and Crafts business that strive to fill our Happy Bucket on a daily basis!

We at Madbird101designs love the feeling we get after completing a craft project.The joy of creating something with your hands makes you feel amazing and of course can help to fill your Happy Bucket!

Madbirds were formed as a friendship group to support each other through crafting. We noticed that we may intially have felt stressed or tense before we started but at the end we felt calm and happy ó satisfied deep in our souls a peace that stilled the monkey chatter.

We work with different mediums such as Metal Clay making Jewellery, British Wool making Needlefelting Scuptures or Embroidered Art to mention a few...

There really is something to be said about crafting and its effects on oneís well-being!
More and more research is coming out that proves arts and crafts is not just good for fun but itís good for your mental and physical health.

Its time for us to share our beautiful creations so others may own something that fills their Happy Bucket too!

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Madbird 101 designs

Salisbury, Wiltshire