Me to you bracelets - Macrame

Me to you bracelets

Handmade bracelets in various designs made from materials including linhasita, cotton, nylon, polyester threads, beads and buttons.

Bracelet making has been one of my passions for many years now and it has become stronger throughout the time as I have learnt from others and come up with my own ways of creating bracelets.

I make bracelets with beads, macrame, wrap friendship, chevron pattern bracelets and more.

I make bracelet sets by putting together 2 or 3 matching colour and design bracelets.

My colour meaning bracelet sets are made of different materials in various shades of the same colour. It includes wide friendship bracelet with button closing and adjustable linhasita bracelet with beads.

I match different colours of threads, beads and buttons based on specific theme for my other bracelet sets. For example, if the theme is Sunflower, I will create bracelets in yellow, orange, brown and green colour combination.

I love making my bracelets. So many patterns, colour combinations and designs that can be created :)

Hope you find the bracelet you are looking for,

Thank you for stopping by :)

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Me to you bracelets

Hounslow, London