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Vintage Creative

I have always been creative which expresses itself in many ways. From my own range of Vintage Aprons to Painting and Drawing.

Having learnt to use a sewing machine by my grandmother aged 8 helping her put the finishing touches to the aprons she produced. I went on to make and design my own clothes. Recently I decided to create my pinafore aprons resembling vintage dress fronts. They come in 5 styles and 3 shades of cotton polka dot, evocotive of the 1950s housewife style. Combining feminine style with practicality. A gift at under 30 for the perfect housewife and hostess!

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Vintage Creative

Low Barn, Nedging Road, Nedging Tye, Nedging Road, Nedging Road, Nedging Tye Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7HJ