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Hello and welcome to Coastal Sea Jewels, here you will find many kinds of jewellery made from various unique pieces of sea glass.

Beautiful handcrafted sea glass jewellery sourced direct from the uk coastline.

Hello and welcome to Coastal Sea Jewels. All of our pieces are handmade and we source all of our sea glass directly from the uk shorelines and beaches ourselves. Sea glass is not only beautiful it is also unique as no piece is ever the same, we feel owning a piece of sea glass jewellery is like carrying a piece of history as some sea glass can be many years old and been on a long journey throughout the ocean. We feel our jewellery also helps clean up the oceans and beaches. We love nothing more than attending craft fairs and events to show off our jewellery to our customer and also engage with them personally.

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Coastal Sea Jewels

Manchester, Greater Manchester