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Old Beech Candles is a family run small cottage industry working out of Berkshire, England.

Old Beech Candles is a family run small cottage industry working out of Berkshire, England.
Everyone loves a candle, but we were finding it difficult to find Eco-friendly and sustainable candles so decided to get making!
Our unique and eye catching candle containers are made from beautiful reclaimed wood, and are hand-poured with high quality soy wax, cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils.
We pride ourselves on being one of the first cradle-to-cradle candle companies. Being cradle-to-cradle means that we are a circular manufacturer, where nothing is added to landfill and everything can be reused or repurposed.
Eco Friendly
Our soy candles are made entirely from hand and are not tested on animals.
They donít give off any potentially harmful substances like other types of scented candles might.
Reuse or Repurpose
When we design our candles, we keep in mind that the productís lifetime goes beyond when the wax is finished. After the candle has expired, you can either have it re-filled by us at a lower cost price or you can re-purpose to a lovely rustic decorative bowl for your home.
100 percent Vegan
Our products are based on high quality reclaimed, sustainable, wood.
We use the finest products. The wax is eco-friendly soya (plant-based wax) which is natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable and made in the UK.
The wicks are 100 percent pure cotton, interlaced with thin paper filaments to give a more consistent and stable burn and a reduction in soot.
The fragrances have been designed to ensure they have an incredible scent throw. All the oils are 100 percent concentrated and never diluted with any other oils. No fragrance has ever been tested on animals and all fragrances are IFRA and EU Compliant.

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Old Beech Candles

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