Chris Rose - Candles

Chris Rose

Beautiful candles and wax melts with a Gothic twist

Inspired by the rugged and mystical, ever-changing landscape of West Yorkshire where I dwell on a hill, I make wax melts, container candles and pillar candles from eco-friendly soy wax - vegan and cruelty-free. It has been a long and exciting journey from a candle kit in the first month of lockdown to the products I now feel happy to sell. Many friends and contacts have asked me to make candles for various occasions or as gifts for others and I am so encouraged by the positive response I have received. My fragrances are a little different and from a company who shares the same ethics as myself. My products are ever-evolving which to me is part of the creative process and I am always open to what people might want me to make for them. I want that connection rather than churning out characterless products. I love symbols and mythology and many of my pillars candles have designs on reflecting this. I will always be connected to the belief that nature is sacred and I observe the natural cycles around me. To start my day I feed the birds and the noisiest, funniest, aggressive, playful, clever ones are the Crows who after months, even years of watching them made me decide to call my candle company CURIOUS CROW CANDLES. It felt perfect and even more so when my artist granddaughter sent me a drawing she had done which naturally is my logo! Blessed Be.

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