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L H Remedies

Specializing in Vegan Friendly, Cruelty free Soaps, Creams and home Scents.

L H Remedies began in Mayfair, London in 2018. Two business partners inspired by the psychology behind cleaner living, healthier choices and integrating Zen into their everyday lives. The biggest drive, Mental Health.

After years of studying and understanding the importance of a healthy mindset and how to achieve such a mindset, we carefully sourced the best formulas and recipes to help bring peace in everyday complications - our only true mission is to share our findings and bring a small piece of tranquility to those that need it.

L H Remedies is primarily an e-commerce Business, however we do love to show our faces around the UK. Please keep an eye out for where we will be next on our Events page at:


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L H Remedies

Westminster, London