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Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls Hand Made in Vietnam.


Our coconut bowls are made and collected directly from the source. A small 300-year old village in Vietnam named H H and 7841 Thi Village. Can you believe that each one of these bowls is unique with its own natural shape, size, colour, and pattern? All handmade! Its pretty cool knowing that if you purchase a bowl no one in the world will have the same one!

Most of the coconut shells that are harvested each year for oil, water, and flesh are discarded and burned as waste. This burning is hazardous to the environment, humans, and animals alike. The bowls are made out of coconut shells that are reclaimed from companies that treat them as a bi-product after their flesh and water have been extracted. Therefore, when you buy a bowl you are actively supporting global sustainability!

These bowls are totally safe to eat out of they are made from 100 percent natural coconuts and contain no artificial glues or lacquers. Although they are suitable for both hot and cold foods, they cannot be placed in a microwave, oven, or fridge instead use your bowl for rice, noodles, porridge, smoothie bowls, nice cream, buddha bowls, or even salads. The added bonus is that they are fun to eat out of and they look pretty damn special too.

Lis Crafts supports fair trade practices. The company currently making these products have a workshop in H Thi Village in Vietnam and employ people within the local community. They are also in the process of developing an initiative that will allow you to measure your impact from reclaiming a coconut bowl pretty awesome if you ask me!

Our bowls are made of coconut shells which are collected, cut, cleaned, and sanded to become beautiful coconut bowls. Each item is then finished with an organic virgin coconut oil polish.
The original shape of a real coconut is maintained, creating a fun, interesting bowl totally from nature.
Outside, the bowl is smoothed to reveal the brown colour of coconut wood. Inside, the bowl is covered with a shiny black coat or lacquer, or mother of pearl inlaid to make it a vivid decorative item at your place.
The bowl can be used to decorate your home, bringing a rustic atmosphere to the living environment. It can also be a candy bowl, a flower bowl, or a plant pot. Please do not use it in your oven, microwave, and do not use it to hold very hot liquid.
Dimensions: (approximately) Width: 5 inches / 13 cm Height: 2.5 inches / 6 cm Bowl edges thickness: 1-2 mm
Handwashing is recommended.
These coconut bowls are also painted with a layer of black lacquer or mother of pearl on black.
They are perfectly eco-friendly and safe for the kitchen.

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