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My names Jason creator and owner of JY Candles.

JY Candles started lockdown 2020 when i was working for Leeds City Council helping the homeless. I had been doing this job since 2018 and never thought i would be doing what Im doing today! I began researching lots of ways to make wax melts online and started getting into some serious details of how hot wax should be poured and what helps make the perfect melt. I began to get obsessed and wouldnt stop until they were perfect.
Once perfect I started selling wax melts to friends and family members who absolutely loved them and i could see the potential earnings already. I loved my house smelling amazing all the time, so i thought even if this didnt work i still have products i can use.

After the wax melts started selling, i then started getting people asking for all sorts of home fragrances, things i didnt even think about which then spired me on to start making other things.

I noticed a gap in the market as i was seeing that most people were just making wax melts because they found candles too difficult to craft. I began trialling candles in my home, but as i expected this wasnt easy, but again once i set my mind to something i need to finish it. I wont bore you with the ins and outs but lets just say its took a fair few months to master this craft, but eventually i made it and again these were selling so so quickly. I also noticed people were also charging ridicules amounts for their candles and having known how much it actually costs make a candle, i couldnt see the justification in peoples prices.

I soon got requested to work with Sky TV and make 600 candles for there office in Leeds as part of a mental health campaign they were doing. This was unreal and i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw the email in my inbox. All this small/massive steps were making me really think i could take this business to the next level. My following was increasing on social media and i was and still am on a high.

In short the business has gone from strength to strength and we now have a store on the high street in Yeadon Leeds which is everything i could have dreamed for! Were hoping to start looking for store number two in 2023.

JY Candles will be a household name.

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JY Candles

JY Candles, 75 High Street, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19 7SP