Rei da Vela - Candles

Rei da Vela

Elegant, eco-friendly, hand poured candles

Two souls find each other from across the Atlantic Ocean, uniting two nations, Brazil and the UK.

The founders, being extremely conscious of the environment and wanting to protect its natural beauty, together created a brand of scented candles with the ability to evoke the memories of far away distant travels and experiences. From the Fazendas of Rio Grande do Sul to the financial centres of London.

All our products have been created with the environment in mind and therefore are all made with a rapeseed and coconut wax blend. All our labels are compostable and so is the packaging we choose for our products.

We have many incredible fragrance options to choose from so over time, why not try them all?

Ignite one of our candles today, close your eyes and see where the elegant fragrance takes you.

Always use candles responsibly and follow the safety guidelines with every jar

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Rei da Vela

Romford, Essex