indigotyde - Clothing


I hand-dye organic baby and childrens clothes, using natural indigo. I use Shibori techniques to dye each item individually.

I was drawn into Shibori indigo-dyeing simply by seeing the beauty of it and indigotyde came out my growing love and practise of this ancient art. There is an infinite number of ways to stitch, fold, twist, compress or tie fabric and each results in a very different pattern. I also fell in love with indigo. In its natural form it is a magical plant to work with, creating endless tones and shades of blue depending on how long fabric is left in the dye for and how many times it is dipped. Consequently every item is unique. I live near Lulworth Cove and the sea inspires all my designs.
I currently stock: babygros, baby sleepsuits, t-shirts from newborn to 6 years, baby blankets, purses and shoulder bags.
I use organic cotton for all my items, and dye onto white or pink fabric. Each item is washed pre and post-process and ready to wear. I use natural Mayan Indigo from El Salvador. This indigo is sourced from small farms committed to organic and fair trade production.

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