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The artist - Roy White. Artistic excellence from the heart: A body of work from a lifetime of practice and commitment to the craft.

Artwork of the Spirit ~
Roy White was a uniquely gifted artist who studied and taught at Central St Martins in the 60s and 70s. His work holds a body of knowledge and artistic mastery, and has yet to be seen in the public domain. My name is Ella and as one of his descendants I am now in a position to share the work with the world, hence this new venture into showcasing and selling elements of the collection.

Roys work has been curated by my sister Hannah into categories of style accomplished during his lifetime and can be viewed digitally. At fairs, I will have a few precious oil paintings on display, along with watercolours and prints of originals for sale from The End of Time, a series he completed using pastels before his passing in 2013.

For anyone interested in both artistic accomplishment and a journey through the magic of life, this showcase will not disappoint!

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