Kasia Stiches - Clothing

Kasia Stiches

I started my own handmade business 2 years ago. I love sewing since I was a child. I create unique gifts for children and adults.

I am Kasia.
I started my own handmade business 2 years ago. Ive loved sewing since I was a child, my mother is a seamstress and I really wanted to follow in her footsteps. I sew backpacks for children, adults, bags, clothes and many more. I have an embroidery machine, so there is no problem if someone requests personalization.
If you would like to buy a unique, personalized, functional gift, I recommend visiting my store. Please visit my Facebook page or Instagram too.
You will find beautiful patterns there.
All my work is done on request. It is possible to ship or can be picked up in person in Huddersfield.
I cordially invite you

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