PenScapeUK - Stationery


Beautifully hand crafted Pens, Fountain pens and Mechanical Pencils, either made bespoke to your requirements or bought off stock

For people like me that see pens as more than a writing implement, they can be beautiful and tactile piece of art to be treasured. I take standard pen kits and turn the barrel to turn your pen, fountain pen or mechanical pencil into something you will be proud of.

I make these as a stock item but also have made many pens to a customers requirements, so they have a bespoke pen that they are pleased to own.

I turn the blanks on a lathe, I use coloured acrylics, different solid woods, such as Walnut and oak, and also make my own blanks by laminating maple into thin strips, dying it various vibrant colours and gluing them very tightly together (Spectra Ply), these can be in various orientations to make spectacular pens.

All pens are finished and polished to a high standard..

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