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Warrillow Studio

Colourful, vibrant and modern paper quilling crafts and gifts

Paper quilling is a very traditional craft that is having a whole new lease of life! Its amazing what you can do with strips of paper to create the most unusual and colourful objects and works of art. Quilling gifts can make wonderful, unusual - and personalised presents.

I take the strips of paper, curl them, shape them and arrange them into designs. I create finished items, but also create kits and run quilling workshops so you can have a go too! Quilling can be a very relaxing craft to do. You can start with a simple design, and run with it as far as your imagination can take you!

My finished items include:
Paper jewellery
Framed pictures
Hanging decorations
Tea-light holders
Plus kits and materials

Commissions are also very welcome, and are particularly popular with the decorated letters and numbers for personalised gifts.

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Warrillow Studio

Heptonstall, West Yorkshire