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Ida Soap Ltd

Handmade soap and candles that are 100 percent natural, vegan and plastic free

Im Abi, founder and one-woman soap-machine here at ida!

I manufacture natural soap and candles in small batches and aim to provide a solution to the eco-conscious consumer in need of some selfless self-care. At the heart of ida is our promise to never manufacture anything that isnt 100 percent natural, 100 percent vegan, and 100 percent plastic-free.

All our soaps are made with 100 percent natural ingredients using the cold-process method. This is the oldest method of soap making going back 2800 BC when the ancient Babylonians mixed together fats and ash to make the very first soap, and its a method thats endured for a reason! The cold-process way lets me maintain the integrity of all the different oils and ingredients present in solid soap.

All my products are also scented with 100 percent pure essential oils. We never use any synthetic fragrance or perfume oils because they simply arent cant replicate the very real impact that essential oils have on our minds.


Part of what makes soap such a green choice is that its solid, so it doesnt really need to be wrapped in anything. For that reason, it didnt feel right for me to wrap my soap in anything that wasnt actively good for the environment. So, my soaps are wrapped in seed-paper thats actually plantable, so our customers get not just a scrummy, skin-loving soap, but some brilliant bee-friendly blooms as well!

My soy wax candles come in amber glass jars with metals lids, and are wrapped in a totally compostable cane-fibre label. This means our customers can either throw the whole thing in the recycling after use, or of course, they can re-use it! The cotton wick is secured using just warm soy wax from the candle-making process, which means no plastic-heavy adhesive or stickers appear anywhere here.

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