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Handmade Soy and Coconut Candles and Wax Melts

As a consumer of candles for more than 30 years and having had my fair share of candles that look and smell so deliciously tempting and the cold scent is so enticing …. but the candle, once lit, has been a complete disaster. There can be nothing more disappointing than a carefully selected candle that has no hot scent-throw whatsoever.

In earlier years, Paraffin Wax was the wax widely used, and even today it is still as popular, as it is the cheaper option by comparison. This was the driving force behind my desire to create an alternative candle. It also allows me to know exactly what is in the candle - with as many user-friendly ingredients, and with minimal additives, to avoid degrading the performance of the candle - but still to be affordable to everyone was the ultimate objective. After researching numerous waxes, including Beeswax, Rapeseed, Pure Coconut and more, the purer the wax, the more expensive it is, and thus the cost of the candle is increased.

The candles themselves are simply wax, wick and scent – nothing more.
Scents are synthetic fragrance oils, and some include natural essential oils.
Such things as dye and decorations are not added, to avoid clogging the wick (some additives can also be fire hazards). However, these additions can be added, and candles/wax melts made to order, to cater for individual requests.

My preference was for a natural wax, so a Soy and Coconut blended vegetable wax was the ultimate option. The blend works well because the combination of the two complement each other in terms of texture and consistency.
Soy wax alone can sometimes be hard, and the hydrogenated Coconut oil which traditionally is soft, makes this wax very easy to work with and my preferred choice at this time. I hope, in due course, to create 100 percent Coconut Wax products as an alternative option.

The wicks used are Wedo Eco Wicks.
“They are a high grade flat, coreless ring-spun cotton and incorporate thin paper filaments and provide a more stable and consistent burn. The self-trimming wick stance minimises or eliminates carbon deposit formation and greatly reduces afterglow” as stated by the supplier.
The Wedo Eco Wicks are also Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free – even more reason to use them!
These wicks have been tried and tested many times over, and the overall performance of them, whilst burning, is superb. Trimming the wick before each burn significantly reduces spitting, spluttering, or flame flickering once the wick is lit.
It is essential to trim the wick every time (not to mention good candle maintenance) before lighting, as it helps to remove excess oil that builds up in the wick – yes, even the blackened end of the wick.

The containers are Aluminium tins – these are all re-cyclable and can be re-used for many other purposes (once thoroughly cleaned after use) and without degrading – please check the content advice on the Allergen and Safety information before reusing the tin. These tins are not suitable to be reused for storing edible products but are perfect for buttons for example.
The tins have no Iron content - therefore no rust! They are lightweight and weigh much less than traditional glass containers, not to mention being nowhere near as fragile, but still providing a protective shell with a hard exterior and are vegan friendly.
The supplier of my tins also supports reforestation around the world – a big yes to anything that helps with climate regulation in any way, not to mention supporting local communities and providing jobs. It is also nice to know that each time I make a purchase, it is making a difference elsewhere in the world.
Requests for any specific glass containers can be made to order.

My scents are sourced from a wide range of suppliers. Potential suppliers are thoroughly researched and regularly contacted to confirm and/or obtain accurate information including statements of vegan friendly, free from animal cruelty, and many more.

Even down to the labelling! These labels were chosen because the labels and can be easily removed for future re-use of the tin if so desired.

These have recently been added to my portfolio following numerous requests about wax melt availability. These, like the candles, are simply just wax and scent. A wide range of clam shell sizes are available.

And of course, there is the name …. ‘Canterbury Candles’! Because this was the birthplace of my wax creations.
Every candle is handmade from carefully selected ingredients, and every batch made is sample tested before being made available for sale. If the hot scent-throw is not satisfactory, the batch is rejected – there is no compromise on this.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my products, and appreciate the extraordinary lengths gone to in sourcing and co

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