Seaside Meltdown - Candles

Seaside Meltdown

Individually hand poured soy wax candles and melts.

I began making wax melts as a hobby and a way to relax. Ive always loved candles and oil burners, the way the aroma can spread throughout your home and lift your spirits and sparking memories. I thought I would try making my own candles and melts, and got totally hooked on the whole process.

I have a busy job and making candles and melts, helps me switch off, relax and be creative. I loved it that much that I decided I would start a small hobby/business and named it Seaside Meltdown, a nod to my love of the sea and coast.

I individually hand pour soy candles and an assortment of wax melt shapes (hearts, creatures, stars etc), plus some seaside themed melts. The melts come in a variety of colours and fragrances. I use biodegradable glitter and recyclable packaging.
I also sell a variety of wax burners/melters and rustic jars that perfect for candles, tealights or fairy lights.

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Seaside Meltdown

Bispham, Lancashire