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New Day Sensory Shop

New Day Sensory Shop

Becasue of my and my childrens sensory issues I use my crafts to self soothe and to help with our various disabilities.
I do a collection of sensory based crafts that feel good, smell good, and give me joy.

Our main Product are soft sensory pleasant hand made crochet amigurumi plushies!
I make them in a variety of wools for different sensory sensations, I also make many crocheted fidgets and other crocheted bits and bobs.

I have found that on eof the most soothing activities for me is crocheting, I love the counting and repetitive nature of it... it fills me with joy and gives me the opportunity to touch many different fibers.

I make my amigurumi plushies to supplement our income as I am not able to work do to my Lupus and mental illness challenges but mostly to pay for my vast wool obsession.

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New Day Sensory Shop

Bracknell, Berkshire