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My Cottage Cosmetics

100 percent plant based, using Kent North Downs spring water. All fully regulated and tested.

We make natural soaps, body butters, deodorants, hand and body lotions etc using only plant based ingredients, no chemicals, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly so no plastic! We make our products by hand, in small batches, using only botanicals for colour and scent and the water used for our soaps and lotions comes from a spring from the North Downs that feeds into Leeds Castle moat. All preservatives are completely natural too. Handmade from nature!

Our formulations are unique, having come through rigorous testing both in the experimentation phase and through regulated testing. We use mainly organic ingredients, noting that they are all reliably sourced. Our packaging is also environmentally thoughtful, no plastic, only glass, tin or paper packaging, all that can be recycled/reused.

We are constantly evaluating our products, improving them and bringing new ones that answer those questions asked by the environmentally conscious.

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My Cottage Cosmetics

Harrietsham, Kent