Bumbabooni Mosaics - Mosaic

Bumbabooni Mosaics

Mosaic, allowing abstract work to grow and follow its own path whilst creating something of use

I love to create mosaic using glass, ceramic and found items, recycling where I can.
I discovered Mosaic while living in Spain where I loved the tiles and Moorish influence in all of the old buildings. Although now back in the UK, the love of using glass, ceramic, found items such as beads, and all things beautiful continues. I am heavily influenced by abstract works of other artists, as it allows a freedom of expression, at the same time finding my own style. It has been a wonderful, exploratory journey, discovering my own visual interpretations but also finding how people react to different mosaic, especially as everything I make is very tactile. Nothing gives me greater pleasure that to see someone needing to touch a piece of work. Although I take commissions I prefer to enjoy the freedom of creating my own visions.
Working both indoors and outdoors, I enjoy seeing colour in all its forms.

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Bumbabooni Mosaics

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire