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Crazy Crocheting

Hello, I am an lady in my 60ís who has a passion for all things crocheting.

Hello, Iím known best as Auntie Erika. I am a lady in my 60ís who discovered crocheting with my nieces a few years ago. Since then I have crocheted almost everyday learning new projects such as making clothes, plant pots, blankets and seasonal nicknacks for all in my own home!

Hopefully you can see the passion I have for crocheting in my work. I struggle to get about (I am in my 60ís you know!) so with the support of my family I love to attend craft fairs near my home in Blackpool. Itís an opportunity for me to talk to like minded people who have some amazing skills and ideas.

So please if you see me at a fair or come across my page, say hi. I love to have a chat.

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Crazy Crocheting

Blackpool, Lancashire