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Jesmonite and Resin Crafts by Nuch

Jesmonite and Resin Crafts by Nuch sells beautiful handmade Epoxy resin and Jesmonite products.

Jesmonite and Resin Crafts by Nuch sells beautiful handmade Epoxy resin and Jesmonite products. Products range including jewellery, and small homewares.

Epoxy Resin Products Range includes earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets, keyrings, Xmas tree decorations
Rings holder, heart trinket dish, trinket boxes, coasters, soap dispenser, shot glasses tray , jewellery storage jars, moon and star storage shelf, bottle openers and serving trays. All serving trays are finished with food safe top coat.

Jesmonite products range includes rings holder, heart trinket dish, trinkets boxes, jewellery storage jar and coasters. All coasters are sealed with Jesmonite sealer

Perfect gifts for birthdays, mother days, father days, valentines Day or just a piece of beautiful jewellery and homeward for yourselves.

Hi Im Nuch, from Rustington UK. My inspiration of resin and Jesmonite comes from when I was searching for my husband birthday present last year around May 2021 and came across resin products on socia media. They looked so elegant and beautiful so I wonder if I can also make them myself and give my family unique presents created by myself.

So I started searching for video and information about Epoxy resin and learn some techniques of how to create beautiful unique patterns. Then it turned out that I love experimenting with alcohol inks to create new colour combinations and designs.

Then in December 2021, while I was waiting for my epoxy resin to restock due to resin shortage. I came across Jesmonite, and started doing research about the products. I thought I would have a go after reading the curing time is much faster than Epoxy resin.

As I do not have indoor studio so it takes longer for Epoxy to cure when the weather is getting colder. I bought a few starter kits of Jesmonite, and really like how smooth the finished products are and have stone lookalike but lighter in weight.

My love of Epoxy resin and Jesmonite are the same, but I will focus more on Epoxy Resin during the warmer months, and Jesmonite during the colder months.

I am also a nature lover so I have created a few flowers pattern on my work. And also in a progress of recreate my husband work of nebula pictures into Epoxy resin.

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Jesmonite and Resin Crafts by Nuch

Rustington, West Sussex